As another year rolls by…


As another year rolls by, it is tempting to remember the missed opportunities, the rejected proposals, the unmet goals, and the many things that didn’t go according to plan this year.

However, that would be losing sight of the important gifts that one has been lucky to be blessed with.

The gift of life in a year when many friends, associates and mentors passed on.

The gift of good health and protection even amidst near misses.

The gift of iman/faith even if it is in a weakened state.

The gift of parents whose guiding light remains a source of inspiration and guidance despite one’s inability to fully repay their love and care.

The gift of family in whom one finds comfort beyond words, despite one’s habitual neglect of them to pursue the hustle.

The gift of great friends and associates whose presence and encouragement gives courage to one’s dreams and efforts.

The gift of teachers, critics, mentors and elders whose rebuke and advice keeps one grounded and humble.

The gift of mentees and younger ones whose energy and push keeps one moving on and creating new opportunities.

The gift of communities that remind you that you are not alone in your journey as an afropreneur.

The gift of intellect and critical thinking that lets you know that the way of the majority is not always the way.

The gift of balance that makes one to realize true happiness is not in what you amass, but in what you give, and that true reliance in the Creator is what necessitates that you still have to make the most utmost effort.

And above all, the gift of every second, minute, and day in which one has the opportunity to reset the pieces, to stand up after every fall, and to seek penitence after every sin.

For all these I remain grateful to my Lord, the One who forgives and honours His undeserving slave while none of His slave’s shortcomings and excesses are hidden from Him.

O Allah, I beg forgiveness for sins which I have repeated after having repented from them before you.

I beg forgiveness for all the promises which I have made to You on my behalf and then did not fulfill.

I beg forgiveness for Your gifts from which I drew strength only to use it in your disobedience.

I beg forgiveness for all those good actions that I intended for Your sake only but later mixed other motives in them.

O Allah, do not humiliate me as You do have full knowledge of me and do not punish me as You have all power over me.

O Allah, indeed You are the Mighty Creator of everything . You are the All-Hearing, All-Knowing. You are the Forgiving, the Merciful. You are the Lord of Great Throne. O Allah, You are the most Gracious, the Most Generous, the Benevolent.

Forgive me. Have mercy on me. Protect me. Provide me with sustenance. Conceal my faults. Support me. Uplift and elevate me. Guide me aright. Do not let me go astray. And admit me to Paradise through Your mercy, O the Most Merciful of those who show mercy.

O my Lord, in Your Sight make me dear, in my heart make me humble before You, and in the eyes of other people make me honorable. Protect me from bad manners and morals.

O Allah, You asked from us that which we do not control except with your help. So grant us from it that which will make You be pleased with us.


About Idris Ayodeji Bello

Afropreneur & Partner, LoftyInc Ltd (Operators of the Wennovation Hub) Leading expert in deploying technology and innovation to drive public sector reforms and enabling good governance. Passionate about bringing about positive change in Africa through innovation and entrepreneurship!
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