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Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford Appathon

One  of the great things about going to school at Oxford is the crazily large amount of activities going on at anytime. There is even a joke that Oxford students are tested on their ability to fit in a large … Continue reading

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1st Week -Oct 9-15, 2011

Acada begins! With Freshers’ week now out of the week, work proper started this week. I had 4 core courses spread between Monday-Friday each week; Challenges in Global Health, Health Policy and Public Health, Statistical Concepts for Global Health, and … Continue reading

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Global Health for Dummies – Introducing……Diabetes Mellitus

Definition Diabetes = “excessive urine‟   Mellitus = “honey sweet‟ DM is a group of disorders characterised by hyperglycaemia ▫ Hyper = too much
▫ Glycaemia = “sugar in the blood‟ DM is a disorder of metabolism Most of the food people … Continue reading

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Global Health for Dummies: What everyone deserves to know

It’s been a great time so far in the Global Health Science Program here at Oxford. I am privileged to be in class with 24 other very smart and highly achieving young people from thirteen different countries. While the class … Continue reading

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0th (Nought) Week -Oct 2-8, 2011

0th Week is also known as Freshers’ week and is an important moment in every Oxford student’s social life. Graduate Orientation Programme :As an international student, I attended the Graduate Orientation Programme for International Students. This programme was held at … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Oxford’s Collegiate System

One of the new aspects of life at Oxford that I have had to adjust to is the role that the college plays in the life of the student. Not being familiar with the collegiate system, I had not put … Continue reading

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Why are you getting a degree in Global Health?

Why do you need a third Masters degree?  You mean you left a job in an oil company to go back to school? Are you a doctor? How does your past education and experience tie in with this degree? I … Continue reading

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