What Afropreneurship (and the logo represents)

A modern Africa  progressing with a steady determined rise towards the horizon and taking its rightful place in the globe

The  globe with the subtlety of Africa rising in the  core

Light at the end of the tunnel

A bright, hopeful horizon

A sense of hope, passion, and energy for a future Africa that is powered by young enterprising entrepreneurs despite the many obstacles

A vision to move Africa’s success  from impossibility to improbability and ultimately inevitability

Success, Innovation, Future, Hope, and Development

Crisp, Modern, Calm, Constant, Bold

Enterprise, Vitality,Dynamism, Progress, Positivity, Youth Technology, Progress

Suddenly, one can hold out hope that Africa’s numerous social and economic problems, which have defied solution by governments, will be solved by the new wave of young women and men, enabled by technology and facilitated by new social media, who are taking ownership – bravely — of the continent’s economic destiny . These are the people I like to describe as Afropreneurs.”
Idris Ayodeji Bello

“A major part of being an Afropreneur is  encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity in the developing world as a tool to lessen the dependence of the citizenry on the state, which affects their willingness to criticise government leaders, thereby perpetuating poor governance.”

Idris Ayodeji Bello

“Bandstorming is the collective pooling of philosophically linked ideas focused on solving social and economic problems. Like a band of brothers, Afropreneurs bandstorm (rather than brainstorm) solutions through a common philosophy. From education to community health, or the macro-economic issues of job creation and the development of stable capital markets, Africa’s problems are big and require bold, daring ideas.”

Idris Ayodeji Bello

“Much has been made of the role of technology in North Africa ‘s political revolution.  But there is another kind of technological revolution going on in Africa .  When one takes a look across the continent today, and observes the increased activities in technology incubators and entrepreneurship hubs, it is apparent that Africa is on to something. From Nairobi to Lagos , from Kigali to Accra , no weekend goes by without a new technology event or startup. Africans are coming together to develop new ideas through a new kind of collaboration. The result is not just innovation—which recognizes the primacy of the individual—but rather wennovation, replacing “i” with “we” to emphasize the collaborative feature of afrocentric entrepreneurship.”

Idris Ayodeji Bello

The Wennovation Hub is a true hub for start-up business development with locations in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, and Kaduna, and with a focus on synthesizing high impact start-up growth, facilitation and development in West Africa.

At LoftyInc our mission is simply to contribute to the enhancement of lives by creatively investing in ideas and entrepreneurs, while positively changing the broader society. Our goal is to emerge as a leading firm, investor and employer in West Africa. Our strategy focuses on facilitating companies and projects intrinsically built to last. LoftyInc backs firms which are not just built to earn profits but are also built to add value to the society.

Loftyinc Capital Management  (LCM) manages the Afropreneurs Fund 2 (LAF2) which is an early stage tech venture Fund that invests in Africa’s growth for profit and purpose. Its ventures make essential products and services accessible and compelling to emerging markets of Africa, leveraging scalable tech solutions.


“Libraries Across Africa (LAA) is a non-profit social venture whose mission is to empower individuals through access to information. Each LAA library uses broadband Internet connectivity to provide relevant content and information resources to underserved communities in Africa.

AfyaZima is an organisation focused on the sustainable delivery of low cost health technologies to the developing world, while also integrating local insight and strategic consulting with a deep understanding of the key drivers that develop and enhance successful health care and bioscience enterprises in Africa.

COMPANIES I HAVE INVESTED IN (that are still alive)

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