On Your Marks, Get Set, Goals!

Introducing  “On Your Marks, Get Set, Goals!” A 3-part personal development, ideation, and goals setting coaching seminar for  individuals, families, organizations and small business owners.

These sessions will help high-performing individuals, business owners, executives, and professionals to achieve the results that they really want in their personal and business lives more quickly and easily.

Session 1: Stop thinking outside the box, get rid of it instead – This session will help reset your thinking process while challenging your assumptions about yourself and the way you look at the world around you. You will learn new critical thinking skills and how to apply game theory principles, and will leave ready to push yourself to develop fresh insights and approaches. It will also help you understand the factors that allow individuals and groups to develop new insights, question conventional approaches and encourage new ideas.

Session 2:  Get set to answer the Voicemail- Your telephone voicemail is programmed to ask two simple questions: Who are you and what do you want? Most people, and conversely, many organizations live their entire lives without ever answering either one!  This session will inspire you to have bigger, scarier dreams and take you through a brainstorming process of locking in on the goals needed to actualize your dreams, and achieving your organization’s vision.

Session 3: Go for Goals- You will learn innovative time management skills, problem-solving techniques and focusing tips designed to help you transform any goal into reality and reach your leadership potential.

See below for testimonials from participants of previous workshops or seminars I have led/facilitated. To make inquiries, send an email to idris.bello AT afropreneur.net


“The use of humor and creativity are phenomenal ways to stimulate ones intellect. And that is exactly what Idris Bello uses to capture his audience and to stimulate his audiences’ mind to strive for excellence. Idris Bello does not just challenge his audience to think outside of the box rather, his challenge is to be rid of the box entirely. He is a must see speaker who will inspire you to set incredible goals and provide tools and words of encouragement to achieve them. He is definitely a must see.” – Tawakalt Busari, Nonprofit Organization Management -On the Marks  Seminar Participant.

 “On your mark, get set, goals” is a unique presentation filled with unorthodox approaches to empowering audiences. Idris Bello stimulates one to think in a new way when it comes to goal setting! Apart from the creative delivery methods used, Bello introduces his 8-step path to making goals presentable. This innovative twist on goal setting allows one to more readily imagine, set, and initiate endeavors. The presentation was a benefit to me and is a sure gem for viewers!- Sola Oyewuwo. Healthcare Professional, Houston, TX

“Over the Independence day holiday weekend in July 2013, I had an opportunity to attend Mr Idris Bello’s  workshop the topic of setting personal goals and not limiting oneself to  ill-defined boundaries. This workshop which took place in Hilton Hotel in Atlanta was outstanding. I found Mr Bello to be engaging and very knowledgeable of the subject matter. The workshop was indeed an eye opener.”- Adeyinka O. Laiyemo, MD, MPH


“Although I have been following you via Twitter and Facebook, this was my first opportunity to attend one of your workshops. I’m truly glad I did. Your talk was amazing! I was impressed by the combination of activities, humor and facts to drive your point home. I learned a lot in that short time and I’m happy to let you know I’m already implementing some of those ideas. I’m getting rid of the box! I had heard about some of those topics before, but you made it real for me. Your style was just different. All the other participants I discussed with felt the same. They all wished more time was allocated for your session. THANK YOU and keep up the good work!” – Dr Musodiq, Senior Software Engineer,GE Healthcare

“I had the opportunity to hear Idris Bello speak at YASR 2013.  His talk was both informative and inspiring!  Not only did he challenge me to think broadly about what is possible for me professionally, Mr. Bello gave me the tools I needed to achieve my goals.  Instead of my ideas being in the clouds, I now feel that they are tangible, and his guidance and encouragement helped me get to this point!”-Bunmi Oyewuwo-Gassikia, LMSW, PhD Student

“The title of the presentation was so simple, yet so profound. The presentation itself blew me away. It inspired me to set specific, measurable and realistic goals for myself and also to assign deadlines to each goals. In addition, it drove me to put those goals on paper and to develop a strategic and tactical plan towards achieving them. I feel very fortunate to have attended the presentation!” – Ilias, PWC Chicago

“Mr. Bello’s innovative and fresh views and easy to implement actions should be shared widely. I was a member of his Next Cool Idea program in Houston Texas 3 years ago and my life has changed because of it. His experience advising startup businesses and inspiring social and business impact is sorely missing on the African landscape. His courses and speeches are worth the price of admission”- ` Kevin Simmons, consulting professional, technology entrepreneur


“I received a ton of value as a Product Manager who will be bringing new products to market in my current job; nice frameworks to think through market segments, buying process, etc. It was very beneficial and instructive to go through a process where some of my ideas ended up getting crushed” – Phil, Entrepreneur


“The Next Cool Idea workshop organized by Idris Bello and team opened my mind by teaching new approaches to come up with ideas, analysis to determine how good they are, and a road map to bring them to fruition.” –J

Idris has a relentless persistence – which is exactly how he has succeeded in bringing new programs and initiatives to life. A perfect example is his championing of the “Next Cool Idea” workshop which was introduced in 2010 for the first time. He facilitated this opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to come together and share ideas – and actually start businesses.-Shaheen, Goldman Sachs


Bello and his team put together (“The Next Cool Idea Workshop”) a most enlightening and insightful workshop to help individuals develop their ideas, think outside the box and turn these ideas into a potential business strategy. We absolutely need events like this to help us create new innovations. Bello saw a need and did what it took within the university infrastructure to get the establishment to endorse his program. Good IDEA Bello.- Buddy Rhodes, Business Growth Strategist

 Bello did an amazing job conceptualizing, planning and executing on the Next Big Idea workshop at Rice University. The workshop was a fantastic event! –Managing Partner ,The Danto Burks Group